Private training is available starting August 2019 in Brooklyn, NY and Los Angeles, CA. All training tuitions include a kit along with shadowing access at NaYeon Studio. All students are to do 3 live model procedures with NaYeon under her supervision following certification. NaYeon is committed to providing long term support for all students so they can confidently move forward in their careers as cosmetic tattoo artists.

1-Day Microblading Fundamentals (all levels welcome) - $2000

1-Day Microblading Perfection (advanced only) - $1600

1-Day Brow Shading Techniques (all levels welcome) - $2000

1-Day Lip Blush Fundamentals (all levels welcome) - $2000

1-Day Device Hairstrokes with Jamie Ha (advanced only) - $2500

2-Day Brow Masterclass (all levels welcome, no device hairstrokes) - $3700


If you are interested in training, please get your Bloodborne Pathogens and Infection Control courses completed as soon as possible. Los Angeles students please follow this link to get started. Brooklyn students, please follow this link to get started. We recommend registering in person for New York tattoo license at the City Licensing Center at 42 Broadway. The online interface for NYC licensing is not consistently functional - it is faster to get a spot for Infection Control Course in person.

NaYeon personally does not believe in students working on models during initial training. It takes time, consistent practice, and patience to safely complete a procedure on skin as a beginner. Most new artists jump into model procedures before they are truly ready and end up regretting their first experiences flying solo. NaYeon wants to “hold your hand” through the first few prodecures you do on models to reduce the risk of falling into a hole of disappointment, which happens for many newly certified artists.

It is incredibly easy to become discouraged when you’re still in the process of building skills and confidence. Many cosmetic tattoo artists feel alone as they are starting out in their new careers and this is why our approach to support is so important. NaYeon is invested in setting up her students for success in a holistic and individualized way.

This approach may seem unconventional by industry standards as most classes include live models for students. However, we believe that good results are the product of consistency and dedication to the craft. Our students and their models deserve the best experience possible and this is our way of making that a reality.

For any questions regarding training and to reserve your class date, please email

Payment options accepted: Venmo, PayPal, All Major Credit Cards

Financing is not available. All deposits are non-refundable.