Appointments are first come, first serve once books open. If no sessions are left on the calendar, please wait until the next booking day when more sessions are made available. Booking days will be announced on Instagram and Twitter. PLEASE READ THROUGH THE INFORMATION TAB BEFORE TO BOOKING TO INSURE THAT YOU HAVE NO MEDICAL CONTRAINDICATIONS AND ARE FULLY AWARE OF THE ENTIRE PROCESS FROM PRE-APPOINTMENT TO AFTERCARE. We are not obligated to issue deposit refunds due to failure to read terms & conditions prior to booking.

Consultations are part of the appointment. We will discuss your brow goals and determine which procedure (microblade, powder brow, combo brow) is best for you after an in-person evaluation. If you want to do a digital consultation prior to booking, please email us photos of your bare brows for review. If you believe your case will be more difficult due to drastic shape correction, lack of hair, scars, skin texture/type, etc - feel free to check with us via digital consultation for peace of mind.

If you have an existing brow tattoo or microblading from another artist, please email or text photos to get approval before booking an appointment. Not all are eligible for correction or cover up. Previous tattoos must be VERY FADED. If your tattoo is still saturated and dark or you have scar tissue build up, we will not perform any tattooing procedure over it. If you book without approval for previous tattoo, we cannot guarantee service. Please keep in mind, deposits are non-refundable, no exceptions.

If you need to reschedule you can use your deposit for the rescheduled date as long as you give notice BEFORE 48 hours of your appointment by emailing